Tammy Jett-Parmer, PA-C

Wellness Coaching


Wellness Coaching: 
Change what's not working

I help women in their 40’s and beyond attain the lifestyle goals they’ve been yearning for.

Perhaps you’ve tried different eating plans, diets, supplements, exercise and vitamins, and you still aren’t able to shift how you’re feeling or looking.

Maybe you are just not satisfied with trying to put it all together yourself, piecing it together from your doctor’s advice, books, internet experts, and friends advice.

So, how can wellness coaching make a difference when other methods have failed you?

I am specially trained wellness coach: using my knowledge of integrative medicine, my skills in evidence-based coaching, and skills in positive psychology. Coaching works when you are commited to changing your life.

I have attained my certification as a Wellcoaches certified Health and Wellness Coach (CHWC).  Wellcoaches are affiliated with the American College of Sports Medicine and Harvard University. I did this to help me help my patients make the changes that were asked of them in order to thrive. The benefit is that I can help you too..

This truly is about your transformation. What is that you really want for your health and wellbeing? What are you yearing for the most?

Your strongest lifestyle ally

It is rare to have a medical professional as a wellness coach. This is your perfect opportunity to be guided by a skilled and far-reaching medical practicioner.

I help you make the changes in diet, exercise, stress managment you haven’t been able to sustain on your own. Let’s work together to figure out what works best for you!

I help you make the changes in diet, exercise, stress managment you haven’t been able to sustain on your own. Let’s work together to figure out what works best for you!

Whether you want to decrease stress, improve your fitness, overcome challenges of fatigue or mental fogginess, or come back stronger after illness - coaching helps you learn how to make your own improvements stick. You will be in control under professional assistance.

It doesn’t matter what medical conditions you may be struggling with, I can work with you from exactly where you are, right now.

Common Coaching Subjects

Here are some common Coaching subjects - you will invent your own subjects through the simple Coaching conversations with me:

  • Changing up your exercise routine, or starting from scratch.

  • Inventing your healthiest eating to support healthy weight maintenance and weight loss.

  • Reducing or mitigating stress

  • Balancing time constraints

  • Developing healthy family habits

  • Identifying sticking points and finding solutions

just talking, any location

You can be coached no matter what country or time zone you are located.

You do not have to be in the same room, the same state or province, or even the same country to have success with your coach. You can be coached in your home, or during a break at work, or even in your car if that is a private space. 

Coaching is a powerful, yet respectful way to investigate elements of your lifestyle that aren't working for you. You get to turn your life around yourself.

Remember, coaching is NOT counseling or psychotherapy.

30 Minute Consultation to start your plan

For more information and to see if we’re a good fit for each other, please request a 30 minute free consultation using the Connect page. We can schedule your best time to discuss your needs, desires, and hopes for your best health.